CSRA Antenna Shootout 2017!


Come one come all!

The Great “CSRA Antenna Shootout I” event!
Saturday September 9th at Veterans Park in North Riverside.
This is the first of its kind so don’t miss out!

The Chicago Suburban Radio Association will be hosting the first “Great Antenna Shootout.”
On Saturday September 9th from 1 to 4 pm we will be making comparisons with antennas in an uncontrolled environment. That’s right! No losers no winners. It’s all just for the fun of it all.

What is it?

Well, CSRA will be setting up a table with a radio (HT) and a tripod with a mast. The radio will have a coax to a PL259. No antenna, that’s your part. You bring out any antenna that you can set up in 10 minutes or less and we will give you a shot at our FS meters. That’s right we will have a few FS meters set up to see how the antenna preforms.

Any antenna qualifies, homemade – store bought even the ones you found at the Goodwill disguised as a ski pole. The antenna has to fit into a 10 foot area or less. All measurements will be done on 2 meter simplex.

No winners or losers just some fun with the equipment. We will have our own “experts” there to offer advice or perhaps to take some of your advice. No limit on number of antennas you want to try. Come on out and have some fun with us!

We will not be using any high end equipment. Measurements are for comparing one antenna to another and have no meaning other than that. This is a first trial run just to shake out bugs and refine the ideas for next year……..Maybe a Go Box shoot out? (Bring it on! -Ed.)


You will have 10 minutes to set up an antenna on the mast of or the ground.
When you are set up we will take three readings from each of the field strength meters.
You will be given your tally sheet and have another 10 minutes to take it down again.
That’s it, it is just for fun!

Click here for more information! (PDF)

Click here for directions!


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