The 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

17 07 2014

The 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon notice is attached for all interested amateur radio operators in the Chicago area.  Further information or questions will be covered at the CSRA general meeting on July 17th and on the Monday evening July 21st CSRA 2M net.



2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Ham Radio Support Team
Volunteer Registration now available.
We would like to invite you to join the Chicago Marathon Ham Radio support team.  The 2014 Marathon will be held on October 12, and we are looking for your continued support to the 4000 medical volunteers and the 40,000 runners.
Over the years, this ham radio community has been nationally recognized for the work we have done for the Chicago Marathon.  Our support has been modeled by a number of similar events. I attribute this success to each you: your professionalism, and your collective sense of public service.
There are a number of changes already this year. First, we will be missing a few of key volunteers.  Many of you may know that Bill Rowe, AB9SV, a long time supporter of this event, became SK this spring.  He will be missed.  Meanwhile, a couple of back office stalwarts, Mike Freeman, KC9JBY, and Scott Irwin, W8UFO,  both have accepted real jobs in other cities and are leaving us behind!  They too will be greatly missed.  This clearly speaks to the need for us to continue to develop new team members and build strong leaders to fill their shoes.
Meanwhile, I took a FEMA sponsored Auxcom course this past May. It is designed for primarily to help ham radio operator’s better interface with public service professionals, both at emergency activities where we might be of service and at events just like this. I will be sharing some of what I have learned from that class and applying the best practices to this event (many of which we already do, I am glad to report!).
Meanwhile, we need you to sign up!  You need to go to this site and fill out the form:
Copy and paste this version to your browser (I couldn’t get the hyperlink to work, sorry)
We will be in touch to let you know your assignments and further instructions.
Registration will close in mid-to late August so we can do the appropriate training and scheduling.  We need new people!  So please get the word out to your colleagues.  We may have some new potential responsibilities.  Also, this year, we will be asking for a few people to serve on a “strike” team. This is a group who will be held in reserve and assigned to work at almost at any aid station, where the need is greatest.  Last year, due to illnesses and other issues, we had a couple of stations that were grossly understaffed.
I want to thank everyone for their incredible support all of these years.  I can’t believe we are starting our 6th year!
Rob, K9RST



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