Dayton Hamvention Update from W9PXZ

16 05 2009

Mike Dinger W9PXZ, is attending the Hamvention this weekend and provided CSRA with an update on Saturday.  Here is his report….

Attendance is good, about the same as last year.  But what is remarkable to me is the mix of people. The “walker” crowd is almost non-existent and there are quite a few women and younger folks here.

A good sign.

The quality of merchandise in the flea market area is much better. Not all junk this time. They still want the high prices though. Maybe the economy is spurring some hams to shed some of their stuff to raise cash?

Yaesu has a couple of new models coming out but is not discontinuing the FT-8800 mobile.  Still selling well enough to keep it. I’ll bring the flyers on the new ones.

Kenwood announced that they will finally have some new models…. in 2010! A new HF radio and HT is coming. The HT will add many of the features of the VX-8 to the now discontinued THD7A, at least that is my take on it. They are being a bit more secretive about the HF radio.

Went to Bob Bruninga’s seminar on APRS. He started out on a couple of rants on that it was supposed to be a messaging system not a tracking one. (almost a whine about “they aren’t using it as I designed it”) Also that the various manufacturers all implemented the protocol differently so the interoperability is impaired. (but if you own the trademark on the name APRS, wouldn’t you also control what specifications the equipment must meet to use the trademark?) That makes his argument a bit hollow to me. I left the seminar early.

The only other seminar I went to was the one on becoming a better operator.   Some of his points were legit, but his answer to everything was to become a contester.  I joined the 1/3 of the room that got up and left when he made that his only focus.

Free wifi in the campground! A little far out, but nice. I’d stay here again. About 1/3 of the park is Hamvention folks.

More later,





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